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I'm a 20-something graduate student who has been familiar with Adventures in Odyssey since as far back as I can remember. There's a cubicle in my heart just for this show. By far. FAN FOREVER.


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AIO fanfiction is the best.


you knew it was about to get real on Adventures in Odyssey when Paul McCusker came on before the show

Maybe it isn’t worth it to research what became of the AIO actors.

Escapist fantasy, yes. But sometimes it’s more pleasant to remember them how they were.

" The typical Internet fan has heard pretty much every episode and read through the Complete Guide.  This isn’t to say that there aren’t fans out there who haven’t heard them all or certainly not to say that you’re not a “real fan” if you don’t do such and such.  But unlike fans of some other series, the most vocal and adoring fans of AIO are typically the ones who are also the most critical.  They care about the series so much that they feel it’s necessary to ‘keep it in line.’”

"… AIO writers are more careful in their writing when they know how the Internet fans will react to it.  Writing a script has always meant being careful with your facts but having people out there who are actively looking for errors meaning being extra careful.”



I love this. I will say that one exception to my dislike for “split episodes” is “The Bad Guy” because, well, Nick Mulligan.

Also, I’m glad they pay attention to the general adoration for Richard Maxwell. Maybe, just maybe…


why can i not remember who said that….ughits right on the tip of my tongue

This is way late, but… it was Alex Jefferson.

(via tomlinson-to-trenzalore)

In the episode “A Day in the Life,” when they’re at the movie premiere…

… the “movie” playing in the background is the episode “That’s Not Fair.”

Listening to “The Curse.”


All I can say is, 1991 was obviously before being PC was of great concern.


Connie and Jeff are going to get back together, and later are going to get married. Trust me. Why would the writers bring him back after 23 years of absence if this wasn’t their plan?

Apparently, Akinator has trouble guessing Odyssey characters.


I just realized that Marty from the Permanent Retirement episode of Ben 10 looks like an evil version of Tom Riley from Adventures in Odyssey.





And as an added bonus, they even have the same voice actor, Walker Edmiston.